About Us

Who we are

The story of Tomfaucet is the story of insistence and passion. 

TOM - the founder of Tomfaucet, opened his first store to sell bath&kitchen products and accessories just because he addicted to those cold and fantastic faucets. On his store, all clients enjoyed a pleasant product using experience and got a great after-sale service, they all left a good feedback of Tom and his faucets, which guide Tom to become a professional worker of bath&kitchen faucets industry. After three years of exploration, TOM and his partners tried to set up a small factory and began producing products for some Brands. In the process of continuous development, they have upgraded the production line, expanded the factory, standardized the production process, and obtained many industry certifications. Nowadays, Tomfaucet's main market is on the United States. 

Tomfaucet's birth originated from a friend's suggestion "why can't you buy high-quality faucets at a preferential price?" Repairing and replacing the faucet will consume a lot of energy and make people crazy. You certainly want to buy high-quality products as much as possible, but at the same time, the high price makes you flinch.
Our principle of building Tomfaucet is to provide everyone with sanitary products with reliable quality and more cost-effective.

Tomfaucet's vision is to help everyone create comfortable, warm, sweet memories of the bathroom and kitchen.

Tomfaucet offers a more creative, versatile, and designed faucet and bathing system for a variety of scenarios, including home and business, that perfectly matches your creative kitchen and bathroom.


Our Advantage Benefits Our Customers


● Direct to Consumer, cost savings

Everything is delivered directly to you from our factory without middlemen, fancy showrooms, costly brick and mortar stores, or ineffective advertisement, which allows you to remodel or decorate at a lower cost and and to concentrate on getting your idea off the ground.


● High quality

Repairing faucet or bathing system is a distraught and time-consuming task. When the water leaks or pipes age,  you may need to destroy the walls or furniture. We understand the frustration,  so from the onset of product development, we use durable materials, accessories, conduct multiple tests and make continuous improvement to incorporate the existence of the faucet into daily life so that you can concentrate on enjoying the beauty of life.

● Accept customization, help achieving creative design

We have our own designers and production lines, and can accept customization (requires a certain amount), which will save you from the pain of choosing from a myriad of choices.

● Fast delivery

We have warehouses and distribution centers all over the United States that can deliver quickly to you. Each of our products is carefully packaged. If the product breaks during transportation, please contact our customer service representative immediately for replacement.

Contact Us:

Company Name: bathroom home inc

Telephone: +1 ‪(689) 232-0350‬
Email: support@tomfaucet.com
Address: NO.1 FL 1 1245 E COLFAX AVE,Denver,Colorado 80218

Service Time: 8AM to 5PM (PST),  Monday - Friday 

Tomfaucet is looking forward to connecting with designers and studios from all over the world in order to create a better experience.

Also, if you are interested in buying in bulk. Please leave your contact information.

Any inquiry will be answered within 24 hours during service time.